What is FSQEH Audit?

FSQEH audit is the assessment audit which is used to verify the compliance for supplier approval program. FSQEH audit is potentially useful in term of Quality, Safety, Money and Delivery. FSQEH audit design in-accordance with compliance of FOOD SAFETY, QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH SAFETY. FSQEH audit ensures excellent result for both as following.

  • Supplier Approval Program for approved source
  • Periodic Evaluation Program for supplier performance

Supplier approval ensures that suppliers of raw materials, services and outsourced processing and packaging meet acceptable standards of food safety, legality, quality & authenticity; service and ethical trading. The ongoing monitoring of these suppliers ensures that legal and contractual arrangements are met in accordance with any agreed standard, specification, contract or service schedule.

Supplier evaluation is a term used in business and refers to the process of evaluating and approving potential suppliers by quantitative assessment. The purpose of supplier evaluation is to ensure a portfolio of best in class suppliers is available for use. Supplier evaluation is also a process applied to current suppliers in order to measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing costs, mitigating risk and driving continuous improvement.

What is risk from unapproved supplier?

  • Raw material can be contaminated intentionally or non-intentionally with hazard
  • A Hazard comes from two places (1) It is added during your process (2) It is created or received from supplier.
  • More than 60% recall due to the supplier (Example of contamination- Pet food and Milk Powder with Melamine, Ice cream with wrong ingredients, Spinach contaminated with E.coli due to wrong water supply, Aflatoxin in corn and pea nuts supply, Packaging issue such as contamination with Physical hazards and foreign matter, Cross contamination from storage and shipping condition)

What are benefits of FSQEH Audit?

The main objective of approved supply chain program is to ensure purchase and supply chain processes following with aim to provide safe, legal and good quality food throughout the supply chain

  • Ensure confidence through every means possible (i.e. risk assessments) that your supplier is not sending food safety hazards with their products.
  • Ensure traceability program and provide the information needed to absolutely identify every finished products that contains the tainted ingredients?
  • Supplier matrix is an excellence records of performance and when necessary required actions to achieve compliance

Who can approach for FSQEH audit?

Organization deals with any food supply chain whether farming, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transport and distribution should qualify the FSQEH audit

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