HALAL Certification

What is HALAL Certification?

The HALAL authority Board (HAB) is a HALAL standards auditing and certification organization which regulates and certifies the production of HALAL products in accordance with Islamic law, from the rearing of livestock and the production of drinks, right through to serving the customers in the retail sector. HAB has produced a transparent all-encompassing Worldwide HALAL Standard and a fully integrated Certification process with leading experts in Islamic law and the HALAL meat production industry. This brings together different HALAL Standards from around the world, giving full assurance to the Muslim consumer that the products are 100% HALAL, wherever the Muslim is in the world.

The HABs Worldwide Standard is a comprehensive set of guidelines for the production of HALAL meat, food and drink and the provision of Muslim friendly services. The Standard sets out guidelines on all aspects of production to ensure the HALAL integrity of products, including food health and safety regulations, storage, delivery, cleaning and cleansing which takes into account scientific developments to prevent contamination from pork and other unacceptable derivatives. The Standard consists of different Categories as following:

Certification Categories

  • Slaughter Houses (for animals meat)
  • Foods (both raw and processed)
  • Cosmetics and Chemicals


  • Dairy and aquatic Products
  • Slaughtering process for Halal food
  • Fat Products
  • Ingredients
  • Recipes
  • Fruits, Flour & Corn Products
  • Poultry and Livestock Products
  • Confections
  • Energy Supplements
  • Dietetic Foods
  • Drinks & snacks

Certain products are considered or strictly forbidden. These include:

  • Pork
  • Animals which were dead before slaughtering
  • Alcoholic drinks and intoxicants
  • Animals which have not been slaughtered using the HALAL method
  • Carnivorous animals and birds of prey such as eagles
  • Any animal which has been contaminated with any of the above

Why HALAL Certification is important for business?

When the company gets HALAL certificate from an authority foundation, it shows the customers that the relating company produce in a high quality level product, because the HALAL Certificate contains the most ultimate level quality standards. So, it is a very significant tool for the company and takes advantage than other competitors.

Consuming HALAL is an order of Allah and an essential part of the Islamic faith. Allah has repeatedly emphasized the consumption of HALAL in His book. The following are some examples of such verses:

  • O Messengers, eat from the pure foods and work righteousness? (Holy Quran 23:51)
  • O you who have believed, eat from the pure things which we have provided you? ?Holy Quran 2:172)
  • O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth ?that is? lawful and pure? (Holy Quran 2:168)
  • So eat of that ?meat? upon which Allah's name has been mentioned, if you are believers in His verses? ?Holy Quran 6:8
  • And do not eat that upon which the name of Allah has not been mentioned, for indeed it is a grave disobedience?. ?Holy Quran 6

Advantages of HALAL Certification to the Manufacturers & Producers:

  • Improvement in brand image by fulfilling different consumer requirements
  • Prospects of penetrating into a worldwide HALAL food market of over 1.5 billion people.
  • A sound edge is attained over the competitors.
  • Strict rules are maintained relating to private sanitation of facilities that in addition to the other obligatory hygienic practices observed on the premises.
  • It is more promotable and marketing is more attractive, with a distinct logo of HALAL recognition on all the products.
  • Improvement in the food quality by stringent quality assurance policy as per international standards.
  • Hall insignia is a trustworthy, autonomous and dependable acknowledgment to back HALAL food claims
  • Improved advertisement and acceptance of products in Muslim countries/markets.

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