Hydrological Inspection


In a majority of plant sites, the main source of water is ground water and as such a Hydrological Investigation is essential in identifying a reliable and economical source of water supply of required quantity and quality.


The Hydrological Investigation is done by well experienced specialized experts involving Geo-Physical surveys through known electrical resistivity method to provide:

  • Water table map.
  • Water flow direction.
  • Identification of water potential zones.
  • Quantitative sub surface water assessment.
  • Setting up of tube well at suitable location/s.
  • Water quality analysis.
  • Suggestions regarding further treatment, if required.

Our experts also provide the specifications, Inspection report, evaluation, and recommendations in order to choose the best suitable field work and then our experts analyze the field test results to assist the agency to install the tube well/s meeting the water requirement of the plant at the most suitable location for plant operations.


A proper Hydrological Survey under our expert supervision leads to benefits in terms of long term water supply of required quantity and quality.

Hydrological Study focus on water Quality which covers the risk form treat and vulnerability and useful for food defense program (TACCP and VACCP)

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