Hygiene Audit

What is Hygiene Audit?

Hygiene audit design to verify the hygienic compliance where public health can be directly or indirectly affected. It is based on the high class of cleanliness, sanitation and disinfection.

This audit is useful for Hotels, restaurant, Tourism, Shipping, Hospitals, Accomodation, Food factories, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, water treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant, Plant farming, Animal farming etc.

Hygiene audit design in order to measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing costs, mitigating risk and driving continuous improvement. BISCE audit can be customized for both whether applicable for food certification and non-food certification.

What are benefits of Hygiene Audit?

Hygiene audit fulfill the criteria Hygiene and Life Style.

  • Hygiene audit is fully customized audit in-accordance with needs and requirement of conformity.
  • Hygiene audit design against public health and safety
  • Hygiene audit can be used as the pre-requisite for different certification

Who can approach for Hygiene audit?

Any Organization can go for Hygiene audit whether it is Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant or Food Manufacturing

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