PRC Audit

What is PRC Audit?

PRC audit is the pre-requisite conformity audit to identify the Gaps in the organization who are seeking for system certification or product certification. PRC audit has been designed in-accordance with Global certification requirement. PRC audit is a technique that businesses use to determine what steps need to be taken in order to move from its current state to its desired, future state.

PRC audit provides a foundation for measuring investment of time, money and human resources required to achieve a particular outcome. PRC audit begins by asking two basic questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?

What are benefits of PRC Audit?

Whether any organization just beginning the certification process or significantly changed the food safety management system since last audit, a PRC audit will help to bridge the gaps between current food safety management system and a certification-level system. PRC audit is also useful when a new version of a Standard is released or in between audits to keep your site ready for audit.

  • PRC audit ensures that a company is allocating its resources to get the desirable out-put.
  • PRC assessment is used for outlining a clearer road map for future growth,
  • PRC audit can be used at both the strategic and operational levels of an organization.
  • PRC audit tries to fill the "gap" between where a company is, and where it aims to be.
  • PRC audit is the proactive assessment which work on the principle of PDCA
  • PRC audit help to get faster certification who system certification or product certification

Who can approach for PRC audit?

Organization can go for PRC audit program who are seeking realistic status for compliance of new establishment, system certification, product certification, Regulatory inspection, Supplier audit, expansion in facility and product, growth planning, annual budgeting on compliance,

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